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Bright 100 (OB)

Fluorescent Whitening Agent

La description

Bright 100 is a high molecular weight optical brightener (fluorescent whitening agent) of the thiophenediyl benzoxazole class, suitable for the optical brightening of polymers at all stages of processing.

Nom chimique:



Optical/Fluorescent Brightener 184

Formule moléculaire:


Masse moléculaire:

430 g/mol

Numéro CAS:


Numéro CE:



Bright 100 is recommended for applications such as:
– white and pastel tone paints where it intensifies the degree of whiteness
– clear coats and overprint varnishes where it is used to mask the yellowish self-colour and also to intensify the brilliance of white and coloured base coats
– primer and/or topcoats where it is used as marker to identify voids, holidays and uneven coverage
– black and blue printing inks to increase their deep tone
– printing inks for quick identification, security and safeguard against forgeries
– packaging inks as promotional tool or as tracer for packaging lines
– manufacture of fluorescent pigments/dyestuffs to reinforce the brightness of certain shades, particularly blue tones
– thermal dye diffusion paper to enhance paper whiteness
– film base for photographic paper

If Bright 100 must be used in combination with a UV absorber; the absorption spectrum of the latter must leave an open window in the near UVA for the optical brightener. Due to the intrinsic light fastness properties of optical brighteners, Bright 100 is recommended for indoor use only.

Applications courantes

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