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CAS: 14516-71-3

Nickel quencher type light stabilizer

La description

LS-1084 is a quenching agent, developed for its compatibility with polyolefins (PE and PP). It provides superior stabilization in polyethylene agriculture film and polypropylene turf applications. It offers high pesticide and acid resistance along with the UV protection. Quenching refers to a process, such as excited state reactions, energy transfer, complex-formation and collisional quenching. Through this process, the substrate will be protected from UV rays and stabilized.

Nom chimique:



Nickel(2+) ion butan-1-amine 2-{[2-oxido-5-(2,4,4-trimethylpentan-2-yl)phenyl]sulfanyl}-4-(2,4,4-trimethylpentan-2-yl)benzen-1-olate

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