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Phenolic primary antioxidant for processing and long-term thermal stabilization


AO-3114 is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant and therefore an effective, non-discolouring stabilizer for organic substrates such as polymers, synthetic fibers, elastomers, adhesives and waxes. It protects these substrates against thermo-oxidative degradation and contributes to their light stability. AO 3114 has good compatibility with most substrates, high resistance to extraction, and low volatility.

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Peso molecolare:

784 g/mol

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AO-3114 can be applied in polyolefins, namely polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene as well as in other polymers such as styrene homo- and copolymers. It may also be used in linear polyesters, PVC, polyamides and polyurethanes, elastomers such as SBS, EPR, EPDM and other synthetic rubbers, adhesives, natural and synthetic tackifier resins and other organic substrates. AO-3114 is odourless and stable to light. The product can be used in combination with other additives such as co-stabilizers (e.g. thioethers, phosphites, phosphonites), light stabilizers and other functional stabilizers.

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