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CAS: 1034343-98-0

Graphene powder


Graphene is supplied as a highly versatile powder suitable for various applications. It has been optimized to provide the best balance of mixability and manufacturability. Key factor is the commercial viability of our graphene. It is especially useful for improving the properties of plastics and polymers.

Graphene is a carbon based substance that consists of layers of carbon atoms in a honeycomb structure. Graphene can be categorized in two groups, namely single layer graphene and multi-layer graphene.

Single layer graphene can only be synthesized and the production process is expensive and energy intensive. It is also challenging to scale up the production process to facilitate use in industrial applications.

Depending on the production method, multi-layer graphene can be made available at an attractive price which makes it a commercially viable additive for various applications such as concrete, mortars, plastic compounds, insulation foams and coatings. Our graphene is multi-layer and is available in large enough quantities to meet the market demands.

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Graphene is especially useful for improving the properties of plastics and polymers. It is compatible with the most common polymers such as PP and PE, and offers multiple beneficial characteristics. It provides UV stability to the finished product at only 0.5%. Additionally, the mechanical strength can be improved, it offers antioxidative and lubricating properties, and the overall recyclability is also improved.

With the right know-how, it can be incorporated in various existing production processes without alterations offering formulators new opportunities and thereby contribute to more robust and sustainable plastics and coatings.

Due to it’s unique structure and unparalleled strength and flexibility, graphene adds value by enhancing properties. Depending on the application, mechanical properties and barrier properties can be improved, both electrical and thermal conductivity can be improved, insulation value and compressive strength of foams can be improved, and UV resistance can be achieved at relatively low dosages.

It is possible to replace carbon black by adding graphene. Not only will graphene offer a similar UV resistance with just 25% of the loading, it also has a much more beneficial environmental profile.

Where carbon black is an organic substance, and the production requires a significant amount of energy, our graphene is derived graphite, the production process is water based and does not require high temperatures. Graphene is a viable and sustainable alternative to carbon black.

Graphene can be supplied in it’s pure form or alternatively be supplied as a masterbatch suitable for various industries for easy and clean use.

Abovementioned statements and improvements are indicative, and the actual results vary due to the complexity of some formulations. We invite you to contact us, would like to hear the challenges you face, overcome them and build better products that are future proof. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities, let’s investigate the beneficial properties of graphene together.

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