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CAS: 25155-25-3 (471-34-1, 7631-86-9)

Crosslinking organic peroxide with fillers


BIPB 40 is a bifunctional peroxide formulation used for crosslinking natural and synthetic rubbers, as well as thermoplastic polyolefins. It is a general purpose dialkyl peroxide, 40% active ingredient on CaCO3 in granule form for ease of dispersion in an elastomer compound and to control dusting.

Chemical name:

[1,3(or 1,4)-phenylenebis(1-methylethylidene)]bis[tert-butyl] peroxide


Di(2-Tert-ButylPeroxyIsopropyl)Benzene; 1,4-Di(2-tert-butylperoxyisopropyl)benzene

Molecular formula:


Molecular weight:

338 g/mol

CAS number:

25155-25-3 (471-34-1, 7631-86-9)

EC number:

246-678-3 (207-439-9, 231-545-4)

Common applications

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