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Liquid Capsules

MPI NutriPharma offers both Contract Manufacturing and White Label products for our two-piece hard shelled filled Liquid Capsules. Our (vegan) Liquid Capsules are the answer for simple as well as complex active ingredient formulations. The capsules can be filled with an array of approved oils containing vitamins, minerals and herbs.


Empty Capsules

As the European leader in capsule solutions, we offer a wide array of capsule material. To meet the highest standards and moreover, accomodate the body and lifestyle, cultural and dietary preferences of our consumers, MPI NutriPharma offers capsules in a variety of sizes, colors and designs.


Cellulose Ethers

Cleancel cellulose ethers are widely used in pharmaceutical and food applications. Our  Cleancel high standard cellulose ethers are used as an excellent film former, binder, water-retention agent, thickener and emulsifier.


Vegan Proteins & Fibers

NUPRO Vegan products include Pea protein, Pea Fiber, Rice protein and Rice Fiber which are produced with exclusively non-GMO raw materials and are 100% vegan and allergen free. NUPRO are manufactured in a state of the art factory and can be employed for a wide variety of food applications.


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