CBD Rest+ Capsules

Rest+ pellets include Melatonin content.

Vegan certified capsules filled with full spectrum CO2 extracted cannabidiol.


MPI’s CBD Rest+ Capsules are vegan certified capsules which are filled with full spectrum CO2 extracted cannabidiol which offers the full range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and phenols from EU certified hemp. Each capsule contains approximately 300mg concentrated CBD oil together with 200mg of Rest+ pellets. The Rest+ range offers a CBD content of 10mg combined with Hemp seed oil and our special designed Rest+ pellets.


Custom composition such as active content, oil, capsule colour or banding colour, can be discussed upon request.

Why MPI NutriPharma Vegan CBD Oil Capsules?

  • Inflammation reduction
  • Mental health benefits
  • Chronic pain release
  • Could reduce anxiety and depression
  • Contributes to reducing the experience of jet lag feelings
  • Stimulates falling asleep faster

Common applications

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