NUPRO Pea Protein

NUPRO Pea Protein for food and health care applications.

NUPRO Pea Protein for food and health care applications.

NUPRO Pea Protein powder is made from non-GMO yellow peas from North America. Our NUPRO Pea Protein is created for protein enrichment and several food applications inclusive of meat-free, gluten-free or savoury products. With a completely natural production process, NUPRO Pea Protein is known for its unique flavour and excellent water dispersion functionality. This gives Pea Pro the ability to emulsifying or gelling several food applications and mix with all kinds of liquids. With the low carbohydrate content, it is ideally suitable for weight control application developments. NUPRO Pea Protein is 100% vegan and contains no oestrogen, gluten, lactose or any other allergen.

Why MPI NutriPharma NUPRO Pea Protein?

  • High protein content: 80-85%
  • Great digestibility
  • Better taste
  • High PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score)
  • Excellent water dispersion functionality
  • Non-GMO yellow peas
  • Protein enrichment
  • Protein enrichment
  • Non-diary alternative
  • Soy alternative
  • Supports muscle synthesis
  • Rich in leucine, arginine and lysine
Item Specification
Appearance Powder
Colour Beige


Physical | Chemical properties
Item Unit Specification
Protein content (N6.25 DB) % N.L.T. 80 (NUPRO PP80-80)*
N.L.T. 85 (NUPRO PP85-80)
Particle size (80 mesh) % N.L.T. 95
Loss on drying % N.M.T. 10
Sulphated ash % N.M.T. 6
Fiber content % N.M.T. 5
Ph 7-8 (NUPRO PP80-80, PP80-80-O, PP85-80)
7-9 (NUPRO PP80-80-L)
Heavy metals
Item Unit Specification
Lead ppm N.M.T. 0.5
Arsenic ppm N.M.T. 0.5
Cadmium ppm N.M.T. 0.1
Mercury ppm N.M.T. 0.2
Microbiology | Toxins | Impurities
Item Unit Specification
Yeasts Cfu/g N.M.T. 100
Coliforms Cfu/g N.M.T. 10
Aerobe plate count Cfu/g N.M.T. 10 000
Moulds Cfu/g N.M.T. 100
Escherichia Coli Cfu/g N.M.T. 10
Salmonella /25g N.D.
Staphylococcus aureus /25g N.D.


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  • Beverage
  • Plant-based meat & sea food applications
  • Nutrition bars
  • Sports supplements
  • Cereals and snacks
  • Sauces, dressings & soups
  • Savoury

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